the funniest part about “i haven’t changed in two years” is


  • I actually have
  • I hate white people way more now than I did then
  • I curse WAY more now than I did then, including using words like bitch and cunt
  • I was actually more white-tolerable and consumable back then
  • I am much less so now
  • Because I realized that y’all ain’t shit and never will be shit, whether I use y’all whitey language or throw AAVE out there, y’all ain’t never cared and will never care
  • cause if you did you’d know these are all facts
  • stay mad, booboos

  1. blue-author said: Heck, you’ve changed in two months. You’ve been changing since I’ve known you. It’s like you’re a human being with an inner life and things happening to you and everything.
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