By Ufotable, a 26 episode sci-fi anime about Niz’s school life.

By AIC, a 22 episode hentai anime about davey’s time travel adventures.

By A-1 Pictures, a 14 episode yuri anime about mix’s stalking adventures.


By White Fox, a 100 episode historical anime about Gene’s time travel adventures.


so I’m fucking Inu Yasha Light


By Zexcs, a 21 episode magical girl anime about Shwoo’s path to darkness.

I dont know any of the anime from them

By Xebec, a 500 episode drama anime about Tyler’s outer space adventures.


‘By Gainax, a 3,000 episode action anime about redvedev’s private parts’

bound to happen sooner or later

"By Gonzo, a 300 episode yuri anime about fiz’s fetishes."


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    By J.C. Staff, a 7 episode sci-fi anime about Nena Nezali’s love life. I am so down with this I’m impossible to move...
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    By Zexcs, a 3000 episode sci-fi anime about Sophie’s time travel adventures Yay! :P
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    By shaft (OMG THE ANIMATORS OF MADOKA MAGICA AND BAKEMONOGATARI!) a 100 episode action anime about Yina’s...
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    By Yamakan, a 5000 episode mecha anime about Justin’s brain. Oh dear lord o.o
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    By Yamakan, a 50 episode historical anime about Jonathan Judy’s homo adventures. or By Bones, a 2000 episode romcom...
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    By P.A. Works, a 48 episode drama anime about Jesse’s time travel adventures. cool.
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    By Madhouse, a 7 episode fantasy anime about Squall’s stalking adventures. More like people stalking me o.O
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    I wasn’t going to reblog this, but then I saw my answer and it was all like “YOU MUST SHARE THIS GIFT WITH THE WORLD.”...
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    By Bones, a 12 episode action anime about Hollow’s time travel adventures. Sweeeeeeet.
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    Alyssa’s hikikomori
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    By Asread, a 5000 episode fantasy anime about Kristi’s yandere stalker. Um….I don’t know how to feel about this besides...
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    Alexie’s homo adventures.”...always knew I was a Precure!
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    popcornwhileplayingcardgames’s yaoi collection....cant, guys I’m laughing to much xD
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    By Shaft, a 13 episode super sentai anime about Kyra’s path to darkness.
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    By Yamakan, a 1 episode BL anime about Adriana’s yandere stalker. omg
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    By Sunrise, a 3 episode super sentai anime about Nicola’s yandere stalker. ………..Oh dear god. And it’s SUNRISE (aka -...
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    By Asread, a 35 episode BL anime about dogsnameisfrank’s porn collection.
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    “By Madhouse, a 48 episode yuri anime about kururu’s love life.” SCREAMING
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    By Studio 4C, a 13 episode historical anime about caristia’s harem. Historical? Harem? Fuck yes.
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    Okay, I wasn’t going to reblog this because it’d probably make me look ridiculous, but with this result, I couldn’t...
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    By Shaft, a 14 episode yuri anime about vanilla’s private parts.
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    By Studio Ghibli, a 13 episode romcom anime about Birdee’s journey across the world. I am entirely okay with this. Also,...
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    oh, i found this one quite interesting. “By Gainax, a 200 episode murder mystery anime about vera’s moe-ness.” … oh dear...
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    Emily’s drunk adventures. Hands up if you want...rom interest. Anyone?
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    "By J.C. Staff, a 35 episode slice-of-life anime about rainbow barnacle’s porn collection." … Um. :D?
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