caramelbutts replied to your video
How the fuck is this funny? I’ve been reading Cracked for years. I’m disappointed to have to stop. Please pull this video. You all are better than this.

Don’t worry, we’re also disappointed that us Tumbling a Good Neighbor sketch from their YouTube channel has caused you to stop visiting a website that you have apparently been visiting for years. We admire your… something?

You’re wrong, though. We are not better than that, Caramel Butts.

Really. Really. 

If I had been drinking water at the time I saw this on my dash, I would’ve spit it out all over my screen. For a second, my face was red. I wanted to change urls.

And now I’m livid.

You’re going to take offense to my complaint about posting a video that had no source link visible to me (ergo, assuming it was Cracked-based) that made fun of retardation? Where someone claimed throughout the entire video as being retarded hurts himself—am I supposed to walk away from that, laughing? Am I supposed to forward the link to my retarded cousin and tell him to laugh at it, too? 

Yes, haha, retardation is FUN. Retarded people hurting themselves is HUMOROUS. That girl’s name is CARAMEL BUTTS and she got smacked down by CRACKED, America’s only humor website.

You are a fucking website that is popular with, I am sure, hundreds of thousands of people. You are on my Facebook feed almost every day. I have been reading almost all of your articles, from ones about Occupy Wallstreet to the weird fetishes one. I avoid reading the “true urban legends” one at night. And this entire time, I’ve never walked away feeling this disgusted for sharing Cracked’s sense of humor.

You have a book out, right? Peeked out at #9 for a while, right? Revenue. Ads on your website, revenue. At the end of the night, you really don’t give a fuck about the people buying your products, do you? 

And who am I, the girl whose one comment on your one video made your writer for your tumblr so upset that they decided to reblog it making fun of me? Teenage girl from Ohio, president of my high school’s anti-bullying/Gay-Straight Alliance, who has pledged to fight against ableism. No matter the source. No matter who fucking tells me to alugh at it.

And you’re going to blog about it and make me seem the source of all the humor here? I see that people are already reblogging your post, probably laughing along with you. And I wouldn’t be at all shocked if you reblogged this post making a joke out of me again.

Because I guess everything is funny, even retardation, even random ass girls on the Internet, when you’re the one not wearing the helmet and the one making the jokes instead. 

I guess Peter Carlson put it best about Cracked. “Are you chuckling yet? Me neither.”

Dear Caramel Butts,

We’re sorry if you thought we were making fun of you, but we weren’t. We didn’t take offense. We weren’t upset. In fact, we were barely anything. We just wanted to point out that writing off an entire library of work because the word “retarded” was used in some tangential YouTube video is a bit… extreme?  Comedy is subjective, as is the plethora of reasons someone can get offended. If you can’t make jokes about X because it upsets someone, then you can’t make fun of Y or Z and pretty soon the entire alphabet will be devoid of jokes.

Second of all, and probably most important, we’re sorry if you think the video is making fun of the mentally retarded. It’s not. It’s the subject matter, but not the [caramel] butt[s] of joke. Notice the two jerky kids laughing at the “retarded but not” character. The sketch at its core is making fun of jerky kids who treat the mentally retarded like jokes. The juxtaposition of the “retarded but not” character’s speech and the things he’s saying is funny, yes, but it’s not making fun of retarded people. Okay, maybe it is a little bit at the end.

And you know what? Someone is probably going to get offended simply because we used the word “retarded”. Not because of what was said around the word, but because of the word itself. No X leads to no Y leads to no alphabet.

We’re sorry to lose your readership and viewership. Again, we weren’t making fun of you. We just wanted to point out the silliness and extremity of your reaction.


Cracked (or whoever is running Cracked’s Tumblr at the moment)

If thats the first time you’ve seen the word “retarded” connected to anything Cracked has made then you’re clearly not a long time reader of their stuff AT ALL. :l


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