if you’re uncomfortable or think negatively of

  • trans* beings
  • otherkin beings
  • multiple, fictive, or median beings

i seriously 100% want you to unfollow me because i really do think our chance of being friends is slim to none

man i was good until the third one but nope i can’t deal

i have heard WAY too much about how identity disorders work to take multiple and fictive bloggers seriously??

there is no way to read it without looking like they treat it like a game

i’d love to be proven wrong though! i’m not ABSOLUTELY SET in this belief! I’d love to see a fictive blog that wasn’t just a glorified roleplayer!

the fact that you need ‘proof’ to respect someone’s ID is actually really



have you ever met someone irl with dissociative personality disorder? these people are exceedingly rare and live drugged up, angry, anxiety-riddled lives because of their disease, which causes them to lose consciousness while another person runs their life, only to realize maybe months or years later that they now have a child they don’t know with a person they’ve never met. when they can actually live their life, they relive feelings of anger or phobias that they have no idea they had. it’s a painful and living-hell type of existence that i wouldn’t wish on anyone. compare that to people who switch personalities from a pokemon, to a space alien, to a talking robot while maintaining a blog where all these characters share their opinion on harry potter gifs and have chats on the forum chock-full of people with multiple personalities. apparently when a dragon and a na’vi argue about doctor who, it’s hilarious! no. this is some weeaboo fantasy about what a teenager who read wikipedia thinks dissociative personality disorder is. it’s not credible for a second when you compare it to actual documented cases of diagnosed DID. it’s a huge insult to people struggling with real disorders to say you can “identify” however you want and have it immune to criticism of any kind. i’m not obligated to respect someone’s wishes to ask which sitcom character has possessed their body before i address them and if that makes me the biggest asshole on planet bitch then fuck me.


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    Well I think it’s wrong to not want to be friends with someone if they’re ‘uncomfortable.’ Maybe they just need help...
  4. anatomical-anomaly said: What exactly are fictive and median beings?
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    love kassi so much
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    I have some idea of otherkin but not “multiple, fictive, or median beings”. I can’t really hate what I can’t even grasp...
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    Word. I have trans friends.
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