u just need to go

u just need to go

eviijelly said: Contrasting means Anon wants a skinny/regular Digby for size difference fun.

ohh okay

cool i might do that later then

drawing a fat weasel is awkward

you wanna do fat isabelle with contrasting brother.... you could always draw femmy bob hes a fan fave rit

ive drawn a fat isabelle before tho

unless im reading wrong and you want both fat isabelle and fat digby together?


i love tangy



to the ppl sending me request notes:

pls note that if i do get to your freebie, theyre not gonna be all finished up like that purrl pic

theyll very likely be sketches or doodles

How about Katt from new leaf in the shower doing lewd things?

i hate katt’s face too much im sorry anon

request gone too far


Sweet Breads from Kyoto Aquarium

Jelly fish- Fluffy white bread with white chocolate center

Crab- Sweet bun with custard filling

Dolphin-  Fluffy white bread with chocolate center

Clown FIsh- Has 3 rings that is made of cookie dough (with lots of milk and butter)

Harbor Seal-  Fluffy white bread with chocolate center

Salamander-  Thick chocolate cream filling

Frog- Sweet matcha bread 

Turtle-  Biscuit with Matcha/Green tea cookie dough shell

(There’s also Melon and Cocoa Flavored Variations of the turtle bread)


you dare

you come on to my blog and fuck with my shit??

i suggest you reevaluate your life’s choices and get a new attitude you useless pancake, because i will not tolerate this level of bullshit because i am done i am fucking done


everythings a mistake

everythings a mistake